Bone Ducks Ranks The Most Profitable NFT Signal, Sees 400% Return

The latest market analysis confirmed that the Bone Ducks non-fungible token (NFT) collections continued to flourish past week, despite the current crypto bearish market emerging as the most profitable trading signal.

According to NFT Signals, a new algorithmic trading service, the Bone Duck NFT collection emerged as the most profitable trading signal last week, earning more than 400% return, representing $1,239,345.

NFT Signals Explained

Launched last month, NFT Signals is an algorithmic trading service that allows regular people to track and earn revenues from the NFT markets. The trading service requires holders to sign up for one of its exclusive packages to access quality NFT signals.

Traders may subscribe to monthly packages for $50, quarterly for $75, and annually for $250. Each subscription package will guarantee five weekly signals and free mints alert for new NFT collections.

The NFT Signals site also features an exclusive VIP service providing users with benefits of access to the knowledge and expertise of professional NFTs traders. According to Darnell McWilliams, the head of Marketing, the monthly subscription is the most popular package.

Despite the recent crypto bear market that has left many NFT floor prices shedding more than 60% from their all-time highs, there are still some swing trades to generate revenues. Investors can benefit from accurate NFT trading signals to explore these discrepancies. McWilliams remarked:

“From what we are seeing, it seems like the market might be off the boil compared to last year, but the trading environment still provides plenty of liquidity for traders to bag profits.”

NFT Market Health

Data acquired from Dapp Radar confirms that the trading volumes on the top NFTs increased over the past week. CryptoPunks emerged as the leading NFTs surging 413% to record $16.5 million in trade volume.

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs distantly followed, soaring 11.9% on trade volume with $11.9 million, while the top 10 newly listed “The Saudis” closed the third surging 100% to hit $9.9 million on trading volume.

Despite emerging as the top three leading digital artworks increasing in trading volumes and sales, the three were not the most profitable NFTs over the past week, according to NFT Signal.

The main advantage of NFT Signals is that it conducts thorough research on technical and social sentiment and gives a comprehensive analysis required for trading. In a nutshell, the NFT Signals service does not need investors to know how to trade NFTs.


It’s vital to evaluate your risk profile, such as how much risk you are willing to achieve your investments. For example, you may pass on some trades depending on your financial resources or allocate more than 5% in your trading pot.

The main advantage of Telegram-based signal services is that you can control and add your due diligence and investment style to the mix. Moreover, NFT Signals is a match for those exploring the pros and who don’t have time to research.

In the meantime, the Bone Ducks NFTs continue flourishing, with more than 6,555 pieces already sold out. The highest valued NFT Bone Duck#2323 sells at a floor of 23.23 ETH, with the cheapest NFT selling at 0.018 ETH ($19).


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