Mexico’s Third Richest Man Advises Purchase Bitcoin currently — Says USA Trying More And More Like Third World Country

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Mexico’s third-richest  person, economic expert Salinas Pliego, has suggested investors to “buy bitcoin at once.” He explained that the U.S. is “looking a lot of and a lot like several different carefree Third World countries.”

Ricardo Salinas Pliego on US Economy and Bitcoin

Mexican rich person economic expert Salinas Pliego commented on the U.S. economy and bitcoin Wed. he’s the founder and chairman of Grupo Salinas, a bunch of firms with interests in telecommunications, media, money services, and retail stores. consistent with Forbes’ list of billionaires, his web price is presently $14.2 billion.

Salinas tweeted a weekly chart of the whole price of the Federal Reserve’s assets (less eliminations from consolidation), that was updated on Nov. 18. It shows total assets of over 8.67 trillion greenbacks. The rich person tweeted:

Good previous USA is trying a lot of and a lot of like several different carefree Third World countries…wow…look at the dimensions of pretend cash creation. purchase bitcoin at once.

The Mexican rich person has been pro-bitcoin for quite a while. In November last year, he discovered that 100 percent of his liquid portfolio was in bitcoin.

In June, he declared plans for his bank to simply accept bitcoin. “I advocate the employment of bitcoin, an American state and my bank are operating to be the primary bank in the United Mexican States to simply accept bitcoin,” he tweeted.

On the topic of bitcoin vs. gold, he counseled to put cash in bitcoin. “Bitcoin is the new gold,” he said in November month, adding that it’s “much more movable.” He noted that transporting bitcoin “is most easier” than having gold bars in your pockets.

In August, the third-richest man in United Mexican States tweeted:

“I think bitcoin contains a nice future and it’ll amend the world…. we’ll see.”



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