The Conservative Party in Canada might go all crypto thanks to its new leader

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Pierre Poilievre, a Canadian political figure, has captured the crown of the Conservative Party. It appears poised to give the current government a race for its financial resources in the upcoming national election.

On the 10th of September, the pro-crypto political figure reportedly managed to win the leadership in such a resounding victory, safeguarding 68.15% of electoral votes and far surpassing his closest adversary Jean Charest. On the other hand, he garnered only 16.07% of said election.

Poilievre has served as a Conservative Party representative since 2003, initially taking power in 2004. He has then served in Parliament for seven different terms, holding various positions such as Minister for Employment and Social Development and Shadow Minister for Finance.

Poilievre is a virtual currency and Bitcoin follower who advocates for greater financial liberty through cryptos, blockchain-based, and distributed finance.

His newest appointment implies that Canadians could be able to cast ballots for a pro-crypto ruler in the upcoming national election, which will be held on the 20th of October 2025, to ascertain the 45th Prime Minister of Canada.

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Poilievre prompted Canadians previously this year to cast a ballot for him to make him their ruler and establish Canada as the globe’s cryptocurrency capital.

A strong advocate for crypto

Last March, the YouTube distributer BITCOIN uploaded a clip of Poilievre at some restaurant during his governance election campaign discussing his assistance for cryptocurrency, saying that virtual currencies must remain legal.

He continued by stating that individuals should be able to choose their funds. If the administration is willing to harm the currency, they should be able to employ other, higher-quality currency.

He briefly discussed ideas for simplifying cryptocurrency taxes, guidelines, and regulatory requirements so that there was coherent law all over Canada. He purchased a chicken doner kebab using Lightning Network within the same clip.

Nevertheless, Poilievre has provided few details on how his group would regulate and adopt cryptocurrency if it were to dislodge Justin Trudeau’s current Prime Minister, Liberals.

The Conservative Party currently occupies 16 out of 105 Senate seats and 119 out of 338 seats in the House of Representatives. In contrast, Trudeau’s current Liberal regime is a minority ruling party with only 160 seats in the House of Representatives.  A parliamentary majority must have a minimum of 170 seats within the House of representatives.

Canada entered the global technology platform universe in 2014 when Congress allowed it to pass national legislation on virtual currencies.

Last August, the Canadian governmental council established online cryptocurrency system registration proceedings. Based on the Bank of Canada Financial System Review published last June, just a tiny quantity of Canadians presently possess BTC, with approximately 13% of Canadians possessing some of it last year, up by only 5% from 2020.

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