ConsenSys unveils green NFTs to commemorate Ethereum Merge

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ConsenSys, a leading blockchain software technology company, has announced its plan to unveil green NFTs on Ethereum after Merge. The protocol unveiled the plan in a Thursday blog post on its official handle. The green NFTs are manifested to commemorate the successful transition of the community to the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.

According to ConsenSys, the imminent Ethereum Merge is a remarkable feat in the young history of the Web3 space. Also, the protocol added that the development illustrates a massive development in the sphere of decentralized software. 

ConsenSys affirms that the live and seamless network transition to PoS will reduce Ethereum’s carbon footprint by 99.95%. More so, it says the development will enhance security and create a foundation to activate remarkable future scale and opportunity. In a bid to mark the feat, ConsenSys says it “is inviting the world to participate in one of the first sustainable NFT drops on Ethereum mainnet.”

The Ethereum-based blockchain company identified the green NFTs as Regenesis. According to ConsenSys, Regenesis is enveloped with numerous features to complement the notable benefits of the Merge. The imminent merge avails of numerous benefits, including sustainability and scalability. The collection will explore the scale and significance of the Merge to position Ethereum in “sustainably supporting the next generation of Web3 creators and developers.”

Minting is to commence on the day of the Merge

ConsenSys further announced its plan to commence the minting on the day of the merge. It says the process will be open and available to all community members. According to the firm, “this isn’t a moment reserved only for crypto insiders, and ConsenSys invites anyone curious about our ecosystem to try Web3-native tools like MetaMask to claim a piece of Ethereum history.”

The firm says the collection is free, and every user can mint as many as possible through individual transactions. However, users are liable to incur gas fees for every mint. It says these gas fees are bound to vary significantly depending on the activity on the Ethereum mainnet.

ConsenSys admonishes participants to download and install Metamask on their devices. According to the firm, “on the day of the Merge, a link to claim the NFT will be posted on the Merge hub, and this will lead you to the claim page where you will be asked to connect your MetaMask wallet.”

Users can pay the gas fee to mint NFT if they have ETH in their MetaMask wallet. However, ConsenSys says it plans to airdrop the full collection to members of the Protocol Guild. According to the firm, this will serve “as a small token of our appreciation for the years of decentralized coordination and effort making the Merge a reality.”

It added that “these limited edition NFTs were created specifically for this team and will include the team members’ names embedded in the metadata on some of the first blocks of the PoS Ethereum they helped create.”


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