Tamadoge Presale Hits $15 Million Target – Final Presale Stage About to Begin

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While most cryptos are trying to escape the bearish conditions the market has suffered for the past few months, Tamadoge has been clearing one milestone after another and is almost sold out.

A few hours ago, Tamadoge’s presale hit the $15 million target, bringing it closer to the last stage of the presale set at $16.5 million. The hard cap for the presale is set at $19 million, after which Tamadoge will launch on Uniswap and LBank.

Tamadoge Current Price

Tamadoge’s Presale is a great option for early movers looking to maximize their gains and can go to buy.tamadoge.io to buy TAMA tokens at the current price of 0.0275 USDT. This price will increase to 0.03 USDT once the final phase of the presale begins.

The primary reason behind Tamadoge’s success is its marketability owing to its “doge” aesthetics. While it is fashioned as a memecoin, it is anything but, as it brings play-to-earn use cases within the crypto ecosystem that focus on skill-based gameplay.

At the center of Tamadoge’s ecosystem lies Tamadoge Pets, NFTs that players can pet, customize and raise, similar to “Tamagotchi.” As these “pets” earn more attributes and strength over time, players can put them to battle within a PvE ecosystem and earn Dogepoints.

Current Market Conditions Are “Just” Right for Tamadoge

September has brought positive signs for the crypto market, with Bitcoin finally above $22k after it bounced back from the crash to $18.5k. These signs say people’s faith is restored in the crypto market. And when that happens, all cryptos experience upswings.

However, most investors are still apprehensive about most of the tokens – considering their limited use cases. In such circumstances, Tamadoge has emerged as a major play2earn crypto that takes a different stance towards play to earn.

It allowed TAMA to be published in major publications, including Yahoo Finance and Crypto news. That made it evident that this coin has much more to it than meets the eye. Everything from its deflationary nature to the lack of crypto tax has been major bullish signals for investors looking for utility-based crypto.

Another development came recently with Tamadoge’s partnership with Transak. It moved Tamadoge in an inclusive direction by allowing interested parties to buy Tamadoge using fiat. It also exposes Tamadoge to 125 countries – inflating its potential customer base that will surely impact its price charts in the coming days.

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Tamadoge has Taken a More Transparent Route Towards Developer’s Identity

Many cryptocurrency devs are anonymous because of the crypto community’s emphasis on privacy protection. Tamadoge developers, instead, have taken a more transparent route. The major players behind this crypto’s gaming ecosystem and marketing have been revealed, with more coming after the presale ends.

Tamadoge’s intense media coverage after the revelation of its use case, its forwardness towards transparency, and the community’s bullishness towards TAMA’s utility have been pushing TAMA from the very start. It is getting more and more likely that the presale will end in the coming few weeks – giving only a small window of opportunity for those who want to get into this project early.

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Tamadoge – Play to Earn Meme Coin

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