The Biggest NFT Crypto MMORPG in 2022 The Legends of Bezogia Launches Globally

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Dubai, Tuesday, August 30 – Zogi Labs Ltd. formally releases The Legends of Bezogia Beta to world audiences seeking to experience an NFT crypto-based MMORPG like never seen before. The Legends of Bezogia takes the crypto vice trade to new heights with next-level graphics, an expensive and deep backstory, multitudinous way-out characters & villains and a huge open world. Players will rent, own & sell their own NFT Bezogi characters ANd kit them out with NFT weapons that add distinctive flavor to the gameplay ne’er seen before in an NFT crypto-based huge open-world game.

“Following on from a year of toil, devotion and inventive passion we’re very excited to finally launch The Legends of Bezogia Beta when AN irresistibly positive response & signup count. With the aim of taking the NFT crypto vice trade by storm, the sport can offer users all round the world a very new expertise in crypto vice that is fitting for 2022. Gone square measure the times of crypto games wanting sort of a Gameboy classic from the Nineties, The Legends of Bezogia may be a huge open world with an exciting plot line, action-packed combat and complex game mechanics we’ve worked inexhaustibly to supply. With the discharge of the Beta, we’ve invited players to induce stuck into a full new world of crypto vice with play-to-earn & play for fun mechanics that may reshape the NFT vice landscape as we all know it.” Steve Murray, CEO of Zogi Labs Ltd.

Claim Your Attendance Token

The first one thousand players to register, be accepted as a beta tester, and play the sport can receive a group action token throughout the primary day of the beta launch. distinctive and ne’er accessible once more, this token provides gamers the possibility to possess their terribly tiny part of The Legends of Bezogia Beta expertise.

What to Expect

The Legends of Bezogia Beta is packed with fun things to try and do, permitting gamers to register and dive right into the most important open-world culture metaverse on the market nowadays. Gamers will expect to expertise the subsequent things in-game.

  • A massive open world – Being MMORPG intentionally, the sport has giant & lush landscapes for gamers to explore. Bezogia may be a wild place, don’t get into underprepared!
  • Millions of distinctive weapons – The Legends of Bezogia’s rarity system unlocks the flexibility to expertise numerous completely different weapons of varied rarity & aesthetics. Gamers will attempt them call at the Beta on difficult enemies awaiting them in Bezogia.
  • Strong enemies – Bezogia is stuffed with horrifying and difficult enemies waiting to be crushed below the boots of battle-hardened Bezogi. get into alone or realize a gaggle and crack some skulls!
  • Introductory Quests – Quests, designed to give players a light-hearted introduction into the planet of Bezogia square measure present within the Beta. Players will grind to a halt in right from the beginning.
  • Exciting combat – With weapons crafted from the introduction quests, players will grind to a halt into combat directly within the Beta. Craft a blade and convey it down on a Trollface lurking round the starter camp.
  • Metaverse packed with memes – Bezogia is stuffed with humourous crypto-based memes like Whalon Musk and also the inexperienced Candle. Being the primary crypto game for non-crypto folks, The Legends of Bezogia aims to administer gamers while not crypto expertise a light-hearted introduction into the planet of cryptocurrencies exploitation memes.

Players are inspired to administer feedback on something they discover within the Beta that desires tweaking. With the discharge currently in its Beta stage, the team is available to create hotfixes to boost the player expertise and to refine in-game systems bobbing up to the complete game unleash in Q1 2023.


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