US Bitcoin Miner Generates Its Own Electricity Using Waste From Coal

Stronghold Digital Mining has come up with an innovative way to generate electricity to mine Bitcoin rather than relying on the electricity network in the U.S.

The company is reportedly using coal waste to power its supercomputers, as it aims to use a byproduct, reducing the level of pressure on US national energy network.

This is coming when Bitcoin mining is facing a lot of criticism due to its extreme use of energy. Many critics claim that it causes a lot of damage to the environment and harms the national electricity systems. And some have reported that Bitcoin mining consumes more energy a year than the energy consumption of the entire country of Finland. But Stronghold Digital Mining may have discovered a solution that will reduce pressure on the electricity grid while Bitcoin mining continues.

The Initiative Reduces Pollution On The Environment

The firm is making sure that coal ash left by old power plants decades ago are converted into energy. It collects the coal ash from a a nearby mine in the Pennsylvania area where it operates.

Apart from the reducing pressure on the electricity grid, the company’s initiative will also make the environment safe. Coal ash is considered very dangerous to the environment if not isolated and left to mix with groundwater. It contains heavy metals, which are known to be carcinogenic.

As a result of Stronghold’s efforts, certain amounts of coal ash are prevented from reaching the Pennsylvania population.

The initiative was possible following the partnership between BTC miner MintGreen and Longsdale Energy Corporation. Mintgreen revealed that its “Digital Boilers” could prevent over 20,000 tones of GHGs from circulating in the environment.

Chief Executive Officer of Stronghold, Bill Spence, while commenting on the matter, stated that “co-locating bitcoin mining and a power plant makes a lot of sense.” He admitted that the Bitcoin mining network is power hungry and is considered the largest decentralized computer mining network in the world.

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